Service Charter

The Service Charter is a commitment that the municipal administration makes to its citizens to guarantee the quality of services as part of a process of continuous improvement.

It is a pact to provide a clear, measurable and guaranteed service.

The Service Charter contains information:

- on how to access the service;

- on principles;

- on operation;

- on the quality and quantity standards relating to the services provided;

- on complaint procedures and other forms of user protection.

The service charters are drawn up in accordance with a "standard model", developed by the Local Public Services Authority, the Organization and Planning Department and shared with the Consumers & Users Council.
The current law, relating to the contents of the charter, foresees the participation of the public in the definition of the quality standards of services in accordance with art. 101, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Code.

Responsible for the Service Charter
Simonetta Barboni, Director of Museum

Contact Person
Marco Marauda

If you want submit a complaint you can download the form at this link which can be delivered to the Museum or sent by e-mail to