Genova Museum Card

Included museums:  

1. Strada Nuova Museums (Palazzo Rosso, Bianco and Tursi) - (Palazzo Rosso temporarily closed)

2. Royal Palace Museum

3. National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola

4. Galata Maritime Museum

5. Natural History Museum G. Doria

6. Oriental Art Museum E. Chiossone

7. Museum of St. Augustine (temporarily closed)

8. Columbus' House, Porta Soprana City Gate and St. Andrew Cloister

9. Castello D'Albertis - Museum of World Cultures

10. Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce

11. Diocesan Museum

12. Treasure Museum of St. Lorenzo Cathedral

13. Museum of Ligustica Accademy of Fine Arts 

14. Museum of Risorgimento

15. GAM Modern Art Museum (temporarily closed)

16. Museum of the Lighthouse "La Lanterna"

17. Frugone Collections

18. Wolfsonian Museum

19. Ligurian Archeological Museum (temporarily closed)

20. Pegli Maritime Museum (temporarily closed)

21. Villa del Principe

22. Capuchin Cultural Heritage Museum

23. Jewish Museum

24. Chemistry Museum

25. ViaDelCampo29Rosso

26. Theatre Museum and Library 

27. Giannettino Luxoro Museum (temporarily closed)

28. MEI Museum of Italian Emigration (coming soon)